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Choosing the Right Legal Form for Your Business

Choosing the appropriate legal form for a business is one of the first issues most entrepreneurs face. It is an important decision at the formation stage and also as a business grows. Sole proprietorships are generally the easiest. Corporations offer some different advantages, but often with additional complexity.

Legal Structure Considerations

This article addresses some of the pros and cons of different types of legal structures for businesses. Even if your enterprise has been in existence for a while, it may be time to review your options. There can be many complexities in determining the best legal structure and a qualified attorney may be of value when evaluating your choices.
At a minimum, consider the following issues when evaluating the business structure decision:

    • Number of owners
    • Personal liability of owners
    • Tax treatment
    • Control and management
    • Capital contributions

Business Structure Alternatives


It is always important to consider the costs and benefits, advantages and disadvantages from legal and tax/accounting perspectives. Thus you should talk with your attorney AND your accountant to discuss your unique situation, possible future scenarios, and other considerations before rushing into formation without proper advice.

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